Chippy an iGaming software provider partners with Play’n GO

Play'n Go and Chippy software

Chippy an iGaming software provider partners with Play’n GO

Since Chippy Software an igaming software provider is always focused on moving forward in a competitive industry. Chippy Software partnered with Play’n GO. Chippy Software and Play’n GO’s hope is that by working in conjunction with them we can help further both of our companies. Serving online casino players around the world is our passion and one we happily share with our new business partner.

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The frequency with which we partner with new content providers is something we would like to turn up a notch. Our relationship with Play’n GO will allow us to do this. By combining the strategies used by both companies we aim to propel online casino games to new and exciting levels. Changing the industry to become more player friendly is something we strive to do.

It is important for us to give players the types of games they are seeking. Play’n GO has already had much luck with this strategy, and our goal at Chippy Software is to build on that. We will use all of our available resources to brainstorm new games that set the bar higher than it has ever been before. By providing the best games in the industry we believe that we will attract many loyal players.

By working together our igaming software will be able to provide players with games that they will want to experience every chance they get. The quality of the games we give to players must be top notch.

The goal of our partnership with Play’n GO is to be the best of the best. As they are already known for releasing high quality games it is our hope that we can help them continue this. Our standards for gaming are as high as theirs, so together we can only improve as partners.

Moving forward we will continue working on putting our players first. Teaming up with Play’n GO will allow us to connect with players on a personal level, as they always do. This includes supporting good causes such as the Kronoberg Breast Cancer Association. Chippy Software will continue to support the causes that mean the most to your loyal players.

More than just a gaming company, we at Chippy Software care about impacting the lives of those around us in positive ways. We are passionate about making a difference in the world, whether it is through providing people with entertainment or lending our name to a good cause.

Our future plans include continuing this fruitful partnership in ways that benefit both companies as well as the players we serve. Bringing players a sense of security when it comes to online and mobile casino games is important to us. Chippy Software through our igaming software will keep doing our best to provide players with the same high quality games where your palyers have come to expect. Any future releases will reflect exactly what our clients have told us they want in their online gambling.


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