Cashier System Implementation

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Cashier System Implementation

Chippy Software is all about providing you with revolutionary turnkey casino software that ensures the highest level of security. This is possible, thanks to the fact that there are tons of special procedures(Cashier System) which assures the players to have their funds completely safe and the same principle applies for the casino owners too.

We live in a world where fraud should be an important concern, especially for the things that happen online and where we have little to no control. Fortunately there are lots of special procedures that can be used in order ensure a state of protection for any informatics system.

One of the major risk for an online casino is the vulnerabilities that are available for the cashier system. The Chippy Software is currently offering a very good solution which includes a merchant accounts. This way you no longer have to create accounts and go through all the procedures in order to accept payments from different options which are normally available at an online casino.

The Chippy Software iGaming platform is now able to perform different procedures that assure the maximum security levels. Here are the 7 ways that you can minimize the number of fraudulent transactions:

  1. Per player and Per card transaction restrictions – You can impose different restrictions to the number of transactions that will be made for each player or for each credit card that is being used in the system. Too many transactions can lead to fraud in most cases. This restriction can always be raised manually for the players that you trust, so that you are not missing out anything.
  2. Processor based transaction limits and processor overriding option – The payment processor can also have different transaction restrictions and limits imposed.
  3. Country and continent based Processors distribution and routing – Based on the country or continent where the player is located, the players will be given access to different payment processor that has different payment options available. For example if there is a player from Australia he will be using specific payment methods that are available only there.
  4. Customer profiling and routing based on profiling – Create a profile for the customer that you are dealing with and this way it’s going to be easier to make the distribution to the payment processor based on that.
  5. Player amount based limit restrictions – Creating a good number of restrictions to players will make sure that nothing bad happens.
  6. Block cards, maintaining KYC information and routing based on KYC – You can start blocking cards that already proved to be fraudulent. Get access to information that allows you to know your customer and get as many details as possible about them.
  7. Different intelligent Queues to analyze the player stats – Fraud prevention is all about getting the right information about the players.

Choosing the right online casino software is important. This allows you to get access to a platform that allows you to own your own casino and have a worry free experience. Get more familiar with all the possibilities to have a secured cashier system.